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  1. Engleutsch, Gulaschdeutsch...
  2. Indo-European Root Words and Verbs
  3. Any Swedish Speakers Here?
  4. Mark Twain: The Awful German Language [1880]
  5. The Gothic Language
  6. The Germanic Languages: Origin in Scandinavia
  7. Uralic in prehistoric Belgium?
  8. Wanderlust
  9. Did Indo-European Languages Spread Before Farming?
  10. "False Friends" in the German Language
  11. Attitudes to language in Europe
  12. Indo-European Language May Be 10,000 Years Old
  13. Interesting Map of All European Languages
  14. German: The Most Masculine Language!
  15. A Short History of the German Language / Questions and Answers About German Dialects
  16. Language tree rooted in Turkey
  17. Lowlands Languages and Cultures
  18. Linguistic Similarities Between Serbian and Armenian
  19. Martin Luther and the Development of the Modern High German Standard Language
  20. Linguistic Map of The Black Sea Area (6000 BCE)
  21. Teaching yourself any of the Scandinavian languages...?
  22. Language Diffusion - Kurgan X Anatolia Theory
  23. IE language speculations
  24. The Dutch Language
  25. Linguistic Aspects of the Indo-European Urheimat Question
  26. Culture and Language as phylogenies
  27. The Celtiberian Language
  28. The Development of the Indo-European Language Family Tree
  29. Albanian "Links" with the Illyrian dialects???
  30. The Lithuanian Language is Closest to Proto-Indo-European (PIE)!
  31. Evolution of Human Languages
  32. Magyar-Sumerian Connection? (The Untenability of the Finno-Ugrian Theory)
  33. The Basque Language
  34. Iranian languages!
  35. Donau/Don Iranian names?
  36. Early Date for the Birth of Indo-European Languages
  37. Old English Language (Anglo-Saxon)
  38. Number of Languages You Are Proficient In
  39. The Anglo-saxon Language: Its Origin, Character And Destiny.
  40. Kusunda: an Indo-Pacific Language in Nepal
  41. Translation Site Swedish-English ?
  42. Slavic-Aryan Linguistic Similarities
  43. In Quest of Our Linguistic Ancestors: Germanic Closest to Indo-European (John V. Day)
  44. Need Translation Swedish-German
  45. Translate: Swedish --> English
  46. Orthography War in Germany Flames Up Again
  47. Vaskonisch war die Ursprache des Kontinents (1st Part)
  48. Need Translation of Dutch Text
  49. Is the Structure of the Indo-European Languages Progressive?
  50. The Influence of Middle Low German on the Scandinavian Languages
  51. Scandinavian Languages Compared
  52. Help from the German Speakers, Please
  53. Language Family Trees
  54. Icelandic Language
  55. Seven Distinctive Features of Germanic
  56. Old Armenian is closest to Greek
  57. The Language of Southern Scandinavia in the Bronze Age
  58. Building Blocks of Low Saxon (Low German)
  59. Integral Dutch Course
  60. Agglutinative Morphology of the Finno-Ugric Language
  61. Dutch & English Study Group
  62. Old Swedish: Understandable?
  63. How to Learn a Language
  64. Spelling question for North Americans
  65. Which Old Indo-European Languages do you speak/can you understand?
  66. The Germanic Lexicon Project
  67. Where is Dutch spoken?
  68. German or English Translation Needed
  69. Need translation help!
  70. Universal Conjugator
  71. Welschen, the Secret Language of Frammersbach
  72. Old English Poem: "The Battle of Maldon" (mp3)
  73. KU Ph.D. Student's Study of Low German Dialect Inspires Community Project
  74. Bavarian Sound Examples
  75. Føroyska translation requested
  76. Proverbs and Sayings in Low Saxon/Low German
  77. Kansas University Student Part of Revival of Kansas Germanic Languages
  78. Wo Spricht Man Deutsch? (Where is German Spoken?)
  79. Natural Selection As We Speak
  80. Prayers in Limburgian dialect
  81. The Distribution of Dutch Dialects
  82. Online Limburgish-Dutch Dictionary
  83. Russian Latin script transcription
  84. The "Kurrent-Schrift" or "Deutsche Schrift"
  85. Need translation - someone has pity with me? ;)
  86. Your Favourite Germanic Language
  87. Translation Request to Swedish/Norwegian
  88. Learning Old Norse for Beginners
  89. Various English Accents of the World in Audio Format
  90. How Many Languages Do You Speak?
  91. The Proto-Germanic Language Project: þeuðiskôn
  92. The Romance-Germanic Language Border in Europe
  93. Accents of Germanic Languages
  94. Australian Aboriginal Writing System "The Yabberstick"
  95. Questions about Old Norse
  96. The last man on earth to speak Nuchatlaht
  97. The Low Saxon Language
  98. Contact and Prehistory - The Indo-European Northwest
  99. Dialects of Middle English
  100. Regional Varieties of English in the United States of America and Canada
  101. What Is Your Mother Tongue?
  102. Welsh English: Dialects of Wales
  103. Polder Dutch
  104. Glossary of Shetland Dialect's Words
  105. Proto-Germanic Studies in Etymology & Culture: An Occasional Thread
  106. Dutch and Flemish pronunciation
  107. Need help finding a good textbook for German
  108. Wonderful German Compound Nouns...
  109. Háfrónska (High Icelandic): An Ultra Pure Version of the Icelandic Language
  110. The Most Beautiful German Words
  111. Old Norse and other Scandinavian languages
  112. What is the best Northern language to learn?
  113. What Is A Good Language To Study?
  114. Want to learn Hessian?
  115. Examples of Northern English Dialects and Accents
  116. Ancient Scripts
  117. Can Someone Translate This For Me (Into Old Norse)?
  118. Elements of the Comparative Grammar of the Indo-Germanic Languages
  119. Ðís ís åúr new længúæge: BúBlísh
  120. Paternosters in early Germanic
  121. Tais that Bind
  122. "M" is for mummy, Mutti, mama
  123. Seriously LONG words!
  124. The Gete River as borderline between Brabantish and Limburgish
  125. Distribution of Low Franconian
  126. Maps of German Dialects
  127. Some Words Concerning Germanic Languages
  128. A typology of European dialect/standard constellations
  129. The First Germanic Origin of the English Language
  130. Dutch-German contact in and around Bentheim
  131. Report on the Decipherment of the Proto-Slavonic Writing System
  132. The Wrendilo - Listen to Old Saxon!
  133. Thoughts on the "N-Word"
  134. Old English Dialect Map
  135. The Voynich Manuscript
  136. Norrœna (or Norn) Language of the Orcadian People
  137. Online Welsh Courses
  138. The Frisian Language
  139. Wordgumbo: Indo-European Lexicon
  140. Eastern Friesland “Platt”
  141. Question about Learning Scandinavian and Germanic Languages
  142. Centum-Satem_isogloss
  143. Crimean Gothic, German, Frisian and English Comparisons
  144. Old to New Place Names in Europe
  145. Language Groups, 6000 BC
  146. Who can help translate a song from Estonian?
  147. The "Science" of Speaking in Tongues
  148. Appeal for short translation from Norvegian
  149. Translation Request (Spanish to German)
  150. [Split] Etymology of Scramaseax
  151. New Inglisch project: Help wanted
  152. Could Someone Translate These Phrases?
  153. Man Learns Fluent Icelandic in 1 week!
  154. Dacians and Albanians
  155. Aimed at an English audience: English as a sacred Language
  156. Difference Between Ancient and Modern Greek ?
  157. Should the English Language return to it's Anglo-Saxon roots?
  158. Names of the German People and Language in Other Languages
  159. Mam and Dad
  160. Sundry Linguistic Ramblings of Oswiu & Leofric, et al.—all linguistic topics welcome!
  161. Diversity vs. Uniformity - Europe before the Arrival of the Indo-European Languages
  162. Tocharian languages
  163. Social Prehistory of European Languages
  164. Help with translation
  165. Did modern English come from the ancient Germanic dialect of Angli, Sachsen, Jute or Frisians?
  166. For those interested in Finnish language...
  167. English and "Plautdietsch"
  168. Help With Translation (German to English)
  169. Teaching/Learning the Finnish Language
  170. Learning/Teaching German for the Finnish Members
  171. What's Your Best Method to Learn German?
  172. I have a technical grammatical question
  173. What is your favorite language(s) beside your native language?
  174. Etymology of the racial slur "coon"
  175. The term "Romance"
  176. What does "Knüppelhageldick" mean?
  177. Keep it simple: War of the wurdz
  178. Is English Really a Germanic Language?
  179. Language Shift Through Erosion: The Case of the French-Flemish ‘Westhoek’
  180. Ancrene Wisse ant Sundri Middel Englisch Textes.
  181. Difference Between Proto-Norse and Proto-Germanic?
  182. Uralic and Siberian Languages
  183. British Isles Accents and Dialects
  184. Wanderlust Sends German Words Traveling
  185. Lost Galwegian Gaelic
  186. "Aryan" (noun and adjective) in Old English?
  187. Polish-English Translation Needed
  188. Translation of a Song
  189. On the Genetic Affiliation of the Elamite Language
  190. Need a translation...
  191. Street-Wise Gothic - Practical Language in Case You End Up 'in the Hood' in Gothland
  192. Virtual Livonia - project on Livonian language and their speakers
  193. Anglo-Saxon Language...
  194. Germanisms: German Words Used in the English Language
  195. A German student needs your help. (Investigation.)
  196. The Most Attractive Accent
  197. What Is Your Accent?
  198. A Comparison of Germanic Languages (The Lord's Prayer)
  199. Runic Source of Greek and Roman Alphabets?
  200. Dictionary of the Scots Language
  201. Old English vs. Modern English
  202. Language areas of Belgium
  203. "From Proto-Indo-European to Proto-Germanic" - Paradigms of the Proto-Germanic Language
  204. Study: ‘Persian, English, German and Dutch compared.’ (2007)
  205. A question about the word "raventhing"
  206. Hungarians and Celts
  207. Tuatsche Gasingar (Linguistic Islands in Northern Italy)
  208. Russia's Disappearing Languages
  209. Old Dutch speaking areas in Germany
  210. Leonard Orban : 'multilingualism part of the genetic code of the EU'
  211. The Afrikaans Language and its Monument
  212. 'Ditch the Oxford Dictionary'
  213. How does English sound?
  214. Pennsylvania German Phrases
  215. Deciphering Upper Paleolithic (European) - The Basic Graphematics
  216. The Walloon Language
  217. Linguistics and Ideology in the Study of Language
  218. Learn Old Norse
  219. Learn German Online
  220. The Influence of Dutch on the English Lexicon
  221. Frankish 'Adal' (Noble) and Scandinavian 'Odal'
  222. Upper Class English vs. Middle/Lower Class English (Language)
  223. Ignorance of English Language Origins
  224. Nostratics: The Proto-World Language Hypothesis
  225. Czech Suffers Head Injury-Wakes Up- Speaks Perfect English
  226. Is Speaking a Germanic Language Necessary to Be Considered Germanic?
  227. Revival of Anglo-Saxon Language
  228. Extinct Germanic languages
  229. Post examples of archaic English words and phrases
  230. Ways of Learning New Languages?
  231. A Grammar of Proto-Germanic (by Winfried P. Lehmann)
  232. Classification of High German Languages
  233. The Student’s Guide to Indo-European
  234. English As a Non-Native Language
  235. Anglo-Saxon Poems and Riddles Read Aloud
  236. Germanglish?
  237. Europeans with American accents/spelling
  238. Does Your English Cut the Mustard?
  239. Scots Spelling System in Early Modern Texts
  240. Favorite Germanic words and their etymology
  241. OE and PDE syntax and word order
  242. New Form of German Develops in Urban (immigrant) Areas
  243. Germanic Language: Example Texts
  244. The Importance of Handwriting
  245. Anglo-Norman Dictionary
  246. Swedish dialects website
  247. Your City/Town's Toponymy
  248. German or Dutch: Which Terminology is Correct?
  249. Speak Anglish
  250. Is English a Germanic Language?