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Tuesday, December 17th, 2002, 01:44 AM

What is Hogerhand?

The Hogerhand People's Front is a civil defence militia. Its function is the pre-emptive defence of the Dutch coast against a possible invasion by Armed Forces of the United States. Notice of this invasion was given in the so-called 'Invasion Act', which president Bush signed on august 2nd this year. As part of an offensive against the International Criminal Court, this invasion act is in effect a declaration of war — against both international law and the Netherlands, as the nation hosting the Court. We believe it is highly improbable that the Dutch government will order either its diplomats or its armed forces to take effective action against our ally. Therefore we, as citizens, will take the defence into our own hands. However, the Hogerhand People's Front will only operate within the boundaries of the law. Consequently, our militia are not armed with conventional weapons. Against the overwhelming fire-power of the US Army, we can bring to bear only our will-power. This will-power is embodied in the simple motto of the People's Front: trans corpus mortuum, or: over my dead body! Inspired by this motto, unarmed civilians are patrolling our beaches 24 hours a day, forming a human shield against the absurd invasion plans of our ally on the other side of the ocean. A shield which may serve as a mirror to our friends, in which they may hopefully see how detached they have become from reality.