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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003, 11:55 AM
3.800 participants at the Deutsche Stimme press-event in Meerane

Exhausting summer-weather welcomed more than 3.800 nationalists in Meerane (Sachsen) at the 9th of august to this year's press-event of the Deutsche Stimme Verlag. They all wanted to draw motivation and refresh their power for the political work and fight for a better Germany. Guests from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, Slovakia, Flanders and France underlined the meanwhile international importance of the DS-press-event for the national resistance.

Neither Repression nor arbitrary acts by the state could - this year again - avoid this national major event. With psychological terror and nightly phone calls, all different kinds of threat against the hotel-owner at the place of the event several politicians of the system, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, the state police and the local government tried all they were able to push the hotel-owner to quit the renting-contract.

They predicted him an absurd scenery of civil war caused by some kind of neo-nazistic criminals, which would make it necessary that 1.500 policemen, water-throwing cars and police-riders show up as well as more than 1.000 demonstrants against the event.

The government of the city of Meerane had a last try to avoid the press-event 36 hours before it started. In a desperate act she banned the use of all public parking lots and two streets. In order to use it anyway there should be a - for lawyers unbelievable - special-using-fee of 12.482,28 Euro. But all the arriving nationalists showed an overwhelming solidarity against this bad economical chicane and paid a shortly decided extra-fee. Of course this scandal will cause juridical consequences, because the right of free assembly of our constitution has been hurt very strongly.

Politicians and government were quite angry that the revolution of the political-correctness-jerks failed once again.

Although the city of Meerane was quite busy to give the event a wide publicity there was only a short message in the internet one day ago from Dresden's antifa-group "venceremos", which asked for a remarkable protest: They suggested their friends to write something into the guest-book of the hotel of the event. All other relevant antifa-gangs (indymedia & Co.) kept quiet. They just know about the relation of power between the national resistance and the anti-fascistic scene in Sachsen. Brought up from the hateful mayor there gathered just about 80 "citizens" - mostly workers of the local government - to put up a sign of the citizens´ protest against the DS-press-event and the constitutional right of free speech and assembly.

With much enthusiasm the participants listened to the open-air-speeches and musical events as well as different speeches inside the hotel. The political part of the event was pointed out by the speeches of the NPD-chairman Udo Voigt, the former co-founder of the "Greens", Baldur Springmann, and John Tyndall, who uses to be chairman of the British National Party (BNP) for several years.

The singers Frank Rennicke, Jörg Hähnel, Manuel and Skalde as well as the rock bands "Saga", "Sturm und Drang" and "Nordfront" impressed with music-shows. Presentations of books from the editors Udo Walendy ("Wahrheit für Deutschland"") and Karl-Heinz Mathias ("Paul Hausser. Generaloberst der Waffen-SS"), a podium's discussion about the topic "Demonstrations - a successful way of propaganda for the national resistance?" and a colourful cultural evening guaranteed for a very interesting program. The press event got a special by the variety of sometimes parallel events and a very different show-program with Folk-dancers and tombola. It was a day of meeting between different generations. And it was impressing, how much harmony there was between older and young nationalists, which showed a sign of national solidarity and made clear, that the national resistance symbolizes a community of different generations even within the individualistic BRD-system. Over all borders of parties there were activists of the NPD, the DVU, the Republikaner and free groups of comrades - sozialrevolutionary, conservatives and nationalistic Germans - together in order to show their will to overcome what kept them separated so far and to make sure that all future orientated nationalists and patriots will stick together in future. This was a success of last but not least the bright variety of friendly groups with their points of representation as there were the "Junge Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen", the Pommersche and Fränkische action-front, the "Unabhängige Nachrichten" (independent news), the "comrades from Karlsruhe", the "National Coalition Dresden", the "Aktionsgemeinschaft der Deutschlandliebenden" (Community of German-loving people), "Radio Freiheit" (radio freedom), the magazines "Triskele", "Herrlich Hermannsland" and "Unsere Welt", (Our World), the "Deutsche Partei ", (German Party), the "Hilfsgemeinschaft für Nationale Gefangene", (help for national prisoners), the "Gemeinschaft Deutscher Frauen", (union of German women), des "Bundes freier Jugend" (Free youth) from Austria and so on.

The Bavarian chairman of the "Deutsche Partei", Ulrich Pätzold, felt free for a salutation-speech to the participants of the presse-event and asked them for a union of all national Germans. At the same time he forwarded the sincere greetings of the national chairman of his party, the former second in command of the parliamentary group of the FDP-Hessen, Dr. Heiner Kappel.

Very encouraging was the participation of many young families with their children. The responsible men for the event had prepared a fitting child' s-program and an especially established jumping-castle. Also a rodeo riding competition took care of a good show as well as the frame of song-hits showed the bright musical variety of the event.

Although there was catering with alcoholic drinks and right rock music at night there was no single situation that police would have to put someone in jail. This isn't always the case in some regular valley-party and shows the impressive discipline of the participants of the event.

The Deutsche Stimme Verlag wants to thank all participants for this discipline and the very positive feeling and support that we received for the event. The DS-Verlag will organize his press-event next year again, and we already ask all participants to support us as multipliers to make sure, that we have to miss even less nationalists in 2004 at this big National event.

Riesa, the 11th of August,

Holger Apfel/ Jens Pühse

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