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Death and the Sun
Sunday, May 8th, 2005, 01:28 AM

Edit: Be warned that the review contains some foul language.

Sunday, May 8th, 2005, 01:34 AM
Meh, I will still end up seeing the film anyway.

Sunday, May 8th, 2005, 01:39 AM
I think speeding up the initial storytelling and combining the arc from Episode I and II would have been far more interesting. Have Vader turn at the very end of Episode II, but only see a glimpse of him, then start of Episode III with Vader full tilt.

I agree whole-heartedly.. I just ruined the film for myself by reading that page, but then again, my hopes weren't too high to begin with. The original trilogy was a wonder to see as a child, so wonderful were the effect, droids, spaceships etc, and I doubt anything will top that for me personally. These new movies just aren't the same..:(

EDIT: Compared to how mind-blowing the sfx were in the original trilogy, these prequels just fall flat. Any film these days can utilize the same effects. And say what you like, the original Yoda&Jabba puppets were a lot more convincing (back then) than these digital ones are now... :( :( :(

Sunday, May 8th, 2005, 11:08 AM
Wow, that was a great review!:thumbs: It hit the mark in defining the deficiencies in the new Prequel trilogy VS the Original trilogy. I have read the book and all the internet gossip, so no new surprises for me really.

ESB is still probably my favourite, due to a clever script and superior director (not taking into account the abomination that was Lando Calrissian :mad:).

"The first trilogy had some pretty good actors that were able to carry their poorly written characters."

How very true. Only Ewan MacGregor stood out in his portrayal as Obi-Wan, and perhaps British actor Ian McDiarmid as Sidious/Palpatine in Ep. III. All the other main actors were pretty lame (excluding also Liam Neeson in Ep. I).

Good to see also that the role of the despicable Gungan Jar Jar Binks has been greatly reduced in Ep. III.

"Anakin screams, close to the shore of a lava river, and his costume catches fire. As he lies there, burning and screaming, Kenobi just looks at him and walks away, still smoldering and alive, and in agony. It makes no ****ing sense that he wouldn't have put him out of his misery..."

Maybe not so obvious in the movie, but in the novelisation the moment Obi-Wan sees Anakin lying there (after chopping of both legs and his remaining arm), he sees Sidious's shuttle arriving on Mustafar (seeing that the Emperor is alive, he assumes Yoda is dead, and that he is the last remaining Jedi), and realises in the time it would take to climb down to Anakin and finish him off, the Emperor would be upon him.

"No medical reason is given why she is dying while giving birth other than, "She's lost her will to live!""

This is completely ridiculous. And it is the main reason that Anakin joins the Sith - to find a way to save Padme! :confused:

Still my 'morbid curiosity' will ensure that I am in the cinema on May 19th, despite the fact that I know I am going to be disappointed!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2005, 10:25 AM
Well, after seeing the movie this weekend, I thought it was better than I expected - the best of the prequels for sure, but not of the same standard as the original trilogy.

Good points:
- Opening battle over Coruscant, including hilarious antics of R2-D2.
- Most lightsabre battles were pretty cool, esp. Yoda vs. Sidious, Anakin vs. Obi-Wan was OK, except for the 'surfing' over lava bit!
- Yoda killing two Clonetroopers, then getting a piggy-back ride from Chewbacca!
- Seeing executive Order 66 carried out on various systems.
- Seeing Vader's mask being lowered onto a burned, horrified looking Anakin on the operating table!
- Most of the ending pretty good, esp. the final 'binary sunset' on Tatooine, seeing Luke handed over to the Lars' - good visual link to the OT.

Bad/Annoying points:
- Anakin one minute willing to hand Sidious over to the Jedi, and not long after pledging his allegiance to the Sith, then killing innocent children. This seemed unrealistic, as was Padme's death due to 'loosing the will to live', as explained by a medical droid! :scratch:
- Only a few quick shots of the battle for Kashyyyk, there definately should have been more (we learnt a lot more about Ewoks in ROTJ :mad: ).
- The movie felt generally as if it was rushed (probably due to the large amount of events it had to encompass). It would have been better to condense Ep. I and II into one movie, and expand Ep. III into the remaining two.

Hopefully we will get to see Vader hunting down and killing the remaining Jedi, as well as the formation of the Rebellion in the upcoming TV series.

Sunday, May 22nd, 2005, 11:09 AM
I saw the movie yesterday. I enjoyed it! Yes, great lightsaber battles. I liked it when Anakin finished off Dooku.

One thing I cannot grasp, is how Master Windu managed to beat Sidius in battle (until Anakin intervened), but the great Master Yoda was effectively beaten by Sidius.

The droid using lightsabers was exhilirating, if not a little over-the-top.... and I'm surprised that Obi-Wan managed to dodge his 4 lightsabers!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2005, 12:13 PM
One thing I cannot grasp, is how Master Windu managed to beat Sidius in battle (until Anakin intervened), but the great Master Yoda was effectively beaten by Sidius.Yes the scene with the four Jedi confronting Palpatine was good, but kind of strange. Sidious/Palpatine does away with 3 of supposedly the top Jedi in one move, taking about 2 seconds! Then Windu effectively beats Sidious after a short fight, pinning him on the ground, ready to finish him off before Anakin intervenes. Then later on Yoda flees from his encounter with Sidious, and acknowledges to Senator Organa that he was effectively beaten.

Still, if a jive-talking negro :negroid: can become a master Jedi in the Star Wars universe, then I suppose anything is possible! :rolleyes:

Death and the Sun
Friday, May 27th, 2005, 06:08 AM
I saw this a few days ago. My main impression after it finished was relief that it was finally over -- I mean not only this film, but the whole trilogy, and probably my 20+ year affair with the Star Wars "franchise".

"Revenge of the Sith" has all the problems that the other two prequels had: wooden acting, ridiculous dialogue and gringeworthy romance scenes. And why did they not get rid of those miserable, hateful, stupid and worthless little droids that look at camera and say "uh-oh" ?!?! :mad:

Master Yoda is supposedly the wisest being in the universe, yet he (or any other Jedi masters) cannot see a conspiracy to destroy them as it develops under their noses. Yeah, right.

And Padmé dies simply "because she lost the will to live". Meanwhile, somewhere a cyborg that basically has no organic parts except the eyes and the heart walks around (coughing, despite the fact that he/it has no lungs or any other respiratory organs, and despite the fact that he did not suffocate when he rushed into vacuum out of his ship).

On a more positive note, at least the repulsive Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu, with his affirmative action purple lightsaber, meets an untimely and painful end, and that miserable frog creature is on screen for only about two seconds.

Saturday, May 28th, 2005, 11:02 PM
"Sith" was even darker than Empire Strikes Back (my favorite SW film) so I liked it. The last half hour was great.

Saturday, May 28th, 2005, 11:37 PM
I agree with Eldritch for the most part...
it is sad that George Lucas has ruined his own creation. Says alot that ESB is universally agreed to be the best, and it was not directed by Lucas. These past three films were verging upon unwatchable in parts. I walked out of the cinema during AOTC I just couldn't bear anymore it was that long and terrible.

Though the nerd in me liked General Grievous, I mean, a vicious cunning 4 armed lightsaber wielding cyborg. What more could one want!

The other bit I liked was Iain McDiarmid's Sidious....
He seemed to be verging upon megalomaniacal insanity a few times there, he would break into insane cackling even when in danger of death (hanging onto a pod for grim life when fighting Yoda, in a bad situation, and he's cackling away seemingly in glee :rotfl: or when he's force-throwing things at Yoda, he's just up there having a great old time, laughing to himself...same when he's fighting Uber Token Black Man, in the midst of fighting, he breaks out cackling a few times, and his expressions are priceless. It's a laugh!

but in general....
this guy tears strips off it.

I was toying with the idea of getting a copy of it, and doing a voice-over of the whole film with my own script "Oh, Anakin! Come to the synagogue to see the Rabbi! He'll know what to do!" etc :laugh:

Death and the Sun
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005, 01:04 PM
Well, predictably the "Revenge of the Sith" has been given the Maddox treatment. (http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=episode3)

Warning !!! This is a Maddox story, so therefore it is offensive.

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005, 01:26 PM
I like this Maddox guy... :D

Friday, June 17th, 2005, 04:50 PM
Okay, I'm off to see Return of the Sith...

"May the snoars be with you".:yawnee20:

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005, 04:28 PM
A little humour: