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Kauz R. Waldher 's opinion is sought out by learned men.Kauz R. Waldher 's opinion is sought out by learned men.Kauz R. Waldher 's opinion is sought out by learned men.Kauz R. Waldher 's opinion is sought out by learned men.

Originally Posted by Forest_Dweller View Post
Sigh... Varg Vikernes sees the gods as architypes and as symbolic deities reflective of the nordic soul. He does not take norse mythology literally but rather sees it as an expression of the ideals, morality and spiritual truths of the Germanic peoples. He sees our old ways as a way of life to live by alongside science and rationality and also as a way of preserving our identity and unifying Germanics as a people.
This is what I personally believe. Pretty damn close. Minus the "rational science" part. Because most science is bullshit. But I also believe in magick. I'm more of a "Gnostic Wotanist/Heathen" of the left-hand path. He is hypocritical in many ways, now putting all that i've read into perspective. He claims on his site that his theories are "all original". as we now know, that is very far from the truth. And his German bashing gets old. Not to mention that he's gone from a norwegian Nationalist to a "Russiophile", now to a "French Nationalist". It's all so confusing considering his views on blonde hair/blue eyed Scandinavian supremacy. And he should NEVER use the term "Atheist" to describe himself. Ever.
Looks like i'll have to buy this book after all. Just so I can see for myself.

If I was to label him as anything I would put him under the category of a Wotanist.
I think he'd disagree. "Wotan" is the GERMAN Germanic expression of Odhinn. Varg doesn't think very highly of Germany. He doesn't like Von List either. He also bashed Gorsleben in response to an email I sent him on Gorslebens book. Not that i'm saying Gorsleben is dead accurate but, it just goes to show his contempt for the German interpretations of the modern era.
"The mystery and secret of Wotan is not that "knowledge" of him is passed along through clandestine cults or even through the re-discovery of old books and texts--but rather that such knowledge is actually encoded in a mysterious way in the DNA, in the very genetic material, of those who are descended from him." - Secret of the Gothick God of Darkness
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