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Irmingot has earned the respect of peers.

Originally Posted by Kauz R. Waldher View Post
Yep, I agree with Olavsson and Irmingot. All the way. Only except he never said that he was "never" a neo-nazi. He said he was. He denied Satanism though. But the whole atheist thing made me lose respect for him. A TON of respect.
I read that he includes the lyrics for the new record "Umskiptar" in english ONLY inside his new book. So, you have to buy his book to get the lyrics. For now anyway, obviously that'll change. He hates capitalism? I don't think so. He's a capitalist and an atheist. ALSO, he bashes anyone who doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes, claiming they are all of a "mixed race". EVEN THOUGH he has brownish hair! My hair is as blonde as his, but do I list "blonde" as my hair color? No. It pissed me off when he made that comment.
He thinks blonde hair and blue eyes means "superior". It does not. Though i'm in agreement of it's significance and importance to preserve, it does not equal superior. And to say it's more beautiful is false as well. Though I personally believe that it is, many others do not necessarily. That is an opinion.
I was going to buy Varg's new book ... but I don't think I will now.
He has indeed denied that he was ever a "nazi", Volkwin probably knows where to find the interview where he does. I am quite certain I have seen him say so in other interviews and/or articles as well. It's just like he doesn't realize what he says can be found years later through a simple search on the Internet. "Oh, I have NEVER said that! Aldri!".

Here's just one place, where he denies that he have ever had anything to do with any "nazi organization", and ever being a "nazi":

I løpet av disse åra har han blitt koblet til nynazistiske og rasistiske miljøer.

— Jeg har aldri stiftet eller vært medlem av slike organisasjoner. Eneste organisasjonen jeg er medlem av, er Riksmålsforbundet.

Means like:

During these years, he has been associated with neonazi and racist groups

- I have never started or been a member of any such organization. The only organization I am a member of, is Riksmålsförbundet


— Jeg har aldri vært nazist, og er det heller ikke nå. Det er bare tull at jeg har startet rasistiske propagandagrupper.

Means like:

- I have never been a nazi, and I am not a nazi now. It is just a lie that I have started racist propaganda groups.

So, this man is not only a raving liar, he is obviously insane. As he believes that ANYONE would believe that, it's like.... Yes.. Madness.

I state once again, just to make myself clear: Everyone has their right to change their views, but for fuck's sake - be honest, be a man, and don't treat people like idiots.
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