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Originally Posted by Kauz R. Waldher
I kind of agree here. I have also related to Odhinn to "Lucifer", not Satan. Satan is gay. Lucifer could very well represent Odhinn, if you think of who "he" is and what "he" represents. A raging primal force, bearing light and wisdom. It's one the of the very few ways that one can acknowledge the existence of yahweh and Wotan at the same. Think about it. Either yahweh doesn't exist, never did ... or he/it does and Wotan is his enemy. Which would make Wotan in fact "Lucifer". If you read what Lucifer is/represents you may see the correlation. I don't doubt the existence of yahweh. I just wage war against him.
I'm not sure whether I want to agree that Lucifer = Prometheus = Odin. Both Lucifer and Prometheus would be rather of a fully giant nature when you put them into the Norse mythological context, Odin is not of a giant nature though. So there are some discrepancies in that interpretation.

But that aside, you should really look what "Satan" means within the Jewish religious environment. Satan is not = Lucifer, Satan is a concept rather than any form of a deity. It's the enemy of Israel. Who this enemy was varies from time to time, Rome, Babylon, Assyria, etc, depending on the era. Likewise YHWH is no deity, the Jews killed their entire pantheon of gods. YHWH is the Jewish folk soul, depersonified and deified, and the carrier of the idea of Israel (in western interpretation commonly referred to as paradise) on Earth (compare, for a simpler form of the same concept, the Islamic Houses Dar-al Islam etc). It is a very western problem to mix up those concepts, because westerners commonly try to interprete what is said. Jews dont interprete, they mean literally. They lack entirely any artistic or metaphysical understanding, let alone talent. That is why "christians" study, like the Jews, their scripture over and over again to find "hidden meaning", "enlightenment" or whatever else they are made to believe to find there. Now, when a Jews speaks about Israel on Earth, he means that. It is Jewish dominance over the beasts (which includes explicitely every non-Jew) and the World. New World Order, anyone? However, Satan can be everyone (person, folk, nation, Hitler, Odin, you name it) who oppose Jewish supremacy.
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