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I try to be courteous and gentlemanly and show high enough regard for basic etiquette such as holding open doors, pulling out chairs, helping into coats, giving directions, walking the unsafe side of the sidewalk, helping over rifts, puddles etc., offering comfort and conversation, not rubbing into a woman's face I'm better at playing the darts, you-name-it.

I don't try to overdo it though, your behaviour should always measure up to the situation: You don't appear at the local barbeque with your set of silver cutlery and you don't wait for the queen to be toasted at the local village festival before rising from the table. At the same time, when eating with a business partner or with someone of higher social station, the very same mannerisms might be appropriate. It is also in the idea of gentlemanly behaviour to adapt to the company and not embarrass your host by over-etiquette or under-etiquette.

Originally Posted by Herr Weigelt View Post
I try and keep these formerly widely accepted male behavioral norms in mind whenever I'm out and about. I try and either let others in before me and open the door, especially for the elderly and women.
Don't forget however though, that when entering a restaurant or other establishment with a potentially unknown number of strangers, it is highly inappropriate for the man to let the woman walk in first: I was taught it is then considered important and appropriate that the man should make sure that the venue entered is safe for those under his protection (namely women, children, elderly) resp. deal with possible organisational arrangements (the reserved table etc. pp.) --- when you're a gentleman, you simply don't send your woman face-first into a wild-wild-west pub brawl.
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(Heimdalls Wacht, In kalte Schatten versunken, stanzas 4-6)
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