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Balders gate is noble of speech.Balders gate is noble of speech.

Well, I am very glad Skadi is back and let's hope it's back for good this time. With Skadi being down for the last 2 out of 3 weeks makes for a very depressing down time. It stinks that the last 2 weeks activity were erased from skadi history because of some computer crash. Last I remember, I responded to a very good thread on here and next thing the site just crashed. Of course when your getting 10 thank you's from ghost members with names like" so and so revenge factor" 2 minutes after you post does make you wonder what is going on.

With Skadi being down I was stuck watching Hatfield and McCoy's feudin all week long and just wondered when this site would ever come on again. Well I am glad Skadi's back because the feudin' is getting old.

I just want to thank the staff at skadi for doing a great job of getting the site back and up and running, you guys did a great job...

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