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Fashion & Beauty Forum dedicated to topics covering fashion & beauty. Discuss your favorite designers, styles & trends and share useful tips & tricks. Debate aspects of health related to beauty & fashion.

View Poll Results: Do you think tattoos are aesthetical?
I think it looks good on both men and women. 3 25.00%
I don’t think it looks good on either gender. 4 33.33%
I think it looks good on men but not on women. 0 0%
I think it looks good on women but not on men. 0 0%
Other(please elaborate) 5 41.67%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

Are Tattoos Aesthetical? What is Your Opinion?

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Old Thursday, April 20th, 2017   #461
The Aesthete
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The Aesthete is considered wise by the elders.The Aesthete is considered wise by the elders.The Aesthete is considered wise by the elders.The Aesthete is considered wise by the elders.The Aesthete is considered wise by the elders.The Aesthete is considered wise by the elders.The Aesthete is considered wise by the elders.

Thumbs Down

Both have good points, but both are starting to land below the belt.
Our beauty is our power, our strength. We can’t allow them to change us, to lessen us. I will never grant them that satisfaction, and neither should you!

White Oleander
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Old Friday, April 21st, 2017   #462
Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.
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Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.

I think, even if one disagrees with tattoos, which I largely do myself, we have to differentiate between different kinds and amount of tattoos, as well as the motivation behind them, to be honest.
I don’t think it’s a simple matter of black and white in this case(is it ever?).

A a few hypothetical cases:

If someone gets...
  • A tattoo with the names of his/her lifetime partner or children in it, it’s probably simply an expression of love. Although it’s a bit cliché.

  • A crude Swastika tramp stamp or a KZ(no joke, happened in Germany), it’s probably mostly an expression of stupidity and a sign, that the actual political conviction can’t be that great.

  • A military tattoo, when he actually served, it’s a sign of comradeship.

  • A tattoo merely saying “peace” or something similar, especially with some Chinese/Japanese/Arabic characters, usually even incorrectly done, it’s probably a sign of shallowness and a deficient intelligence quotient.

  • A, well done and thought out, Pagan/Christian symbol, it’s probably a sign of devotion to his/her believes.

  • A tattoo, of any kind, covering large parts of the body, and especially the face or neck, it’s probably a sign of extreme attention seeking, insecurity and stupidity.

As we can see, there are gradations and even if we find it generally unaesthetic, one has to admit, that some tattoo executions and amounts are less bad than others and some motivations aren’t bad at all.
And I personally have enough faith in (current) Skadites, that they won’t have any of the wrong ones.
"As long as winds will blow / My pride will be / And hate remains / Inside my heart.

Evening fell unto this land / That once was build by my ancestors' hand / When I was young / Willing to fight / For as long as the winds will blow."
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Old Sunday, April 23rd, 2017   #463
„Friend of Germanics”
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Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.

Skadi Award: Being the most prestigious award on Skadi Forum, the Skadi Award is bestowed upon those who, being outstanding contributors of particular importance, have been long standing supporters of Skadi Forum and its community, in good and in bad times. - Issue reason: Excellent, original and thought-provoking contributions over a period of several years; outstanding performance as a moderator and active participation in the Staff Forum; repeated defense of Skadi and its staff on Skadi Forum and on other sites. 
Originally Posted by Huginn ok Muninn View Post
means more of our women are socially pressured to get them and uglify their bodies, which means fewer women who will fit that untainted motherly figure most of us would prefer to bear our children.
This is interesting. Some of my comrades' and associates' wives have three, four or five sweet well-behaved children with good Germanic forenames and some of them have select, hidden, meaningful tattoos whilst still looking like good, normal Germanic women devoid of all the typical degeneration.

The fact your ideal vision of an 'untainted motherly figure' hasn't arrived whilst I know several examples of Germanic mothers of multiple children who do have tattoos without being absolute degenerates IMHO highlights you have an unrealistic expectation of reality.

At any rate, I'll dare you to tell their husbands that the mother of their children is a degenerate because they have small, hidden and meaningful tattoos. If that's the way you're going about life, good luck in getting acceptance from your fellow preservationist.

If we're going to exclude everyone with tattoos, dyed hair, listening to music other than March music, beards, for smoking or drinking in moderation (these two habits being things that those engaging therein should be encouraged to break but not forcibly so), for watching mainstream TV shows every odd week, for wearing make-up, for drinking from plastic bottles or any of the aforementioned likes from our ranks altogether --- we might just as well mass-suicide and hope we end up on some space-ship.

Let's judge a person by their merit as a whole (i.e. naturally if they engage in every degeneracy, they have no place - but let's not exclude people because they're not our ideal people shaped from clay or sth), not by some lifestyle choice we believe is detrimental. We're hardly in the position as a people to decide we're going to oust someone from our ranks because we don't like the shirt they wear.

Tattooing is not "art." It's vandalism of the human body.
So is wearing ear-rings or dyeing your hair. We've been through this before on this board, haven't we? What was it again, concentration camps for people who dye their hair?
-In kalte Schatten versunken... /Germaniens Volk erstarrt / Gefroren von Lügen / In denen die Welt verharrt-
-Die alte Seele trauernd und verlassen / Verblassend in einer erklärbaren Welt / Schwebend in einem Dunst der Wehmut / Ein Schrei der nur unmerklich gellt-
-Auch ich verspüre Demut / Vor dem alten Geiste der Ahnen / Wird es mir vergönnt sein / Gen Walhalla aufzufahren?-

(Heimdalls Wacht, In kalte Schatten versunken, stanzas 4-6)
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