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Heathen Literature Discussion of modern literary works from various Heathen authors and scholars relating to integral Germanic Heathen culture, spirituality, mythology, and history; discussion of published Heathen thought, history, and opinion.

"Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia" by Varg Vikernes

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Old Sunday, January 29th, 2012   #41
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Volkwin 's reputation has not travelled afar.

"I never was a nazi or aheathen"
Quoted from Vikernes' "Reality Time" article, from the late 90'ies:

"So, whom are YOU going to listen to? What Hitler, Bormann, Nietzsche, Himmler, Goebbels, Hess and not least what our Pagan forefathers said? Or are you going to listen to what some degenerate American "Christian-Identist" tells you?"

"How dare you call Adolf Hitler an "Israelite"? How dare you spit on my culture, my people, my race and everything I love and cherish like that?"

"It starts with their symbolical murder of Aryan children - which they call baptism. This is a ritual murder of the Aryan soul, they symbolically drown the Pagan man and bring him back to life as an Artificial Jew, by "shouting out" the name of the Jewish soul that is to replace the Aryan one. First they destroy our Aryan soul, with Christianity, and then they use this to destroy our Aryan blood - as the resistance to this genocide has been broken down by the murder of our Aryan souls! So wake up my friends! Wake up from the Jewish sleep and reclaim Your Aryan souls, by hailing Wuotan! ! Fight for the truth, like our forefathers did, like the Third Reich did! Like WE do! Wake up brothers and sisters, wake up and follow the call of Wuotan! Follow the voice of your blood, and of your heart! It will not lie to you! Heil Wuotan!"
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Irmingot has earned the respect of peers.

Originally Posted by Kauz R. Waldher View Post
"Additional info: the "Satanist terrorists" (or the "activists" of the inner circle) was right from the start diverse in beliefs, with Euronymous the religious Satanists clashing heavily with Varg, who took Satan literally (Satan= enemy, adversary) and equalling him with Odin, because this is what the christian church did, making our gods "Satan" or "enemy of (their) god".

I kind of agree here. I have also related to Odhinn to "Lucifer", not Satan. Satan is gay. Lucifer could very well represent Odhinn, if you think of who "he" is and what "he" represents. A raging primal force, bearing light and wisdom. It's one the of the very few ways that one can acknowledge the existence of yahweh and Wotan at the same. Think about it. Either yahweh doesn't exist, never did ... or he/it does and Wotan is his enemy. Which would make Wotan in fact "Lucifer". If you read what Lucifer is/represents you may see the correlation. I don't doubt the existence of yahweh. I just wage war against him.
I don't know why you try to support Varg's lies? From the start, it was nothing but good ol´ Satan for Vikernes. After a while, he started with this "Odin as Norse Satan" thing, and later on - it was all Odin, just to end with "religion is ignorance and for stupid people".
I was into the Scandinavian "black metal movement" from like 1992-1993 and onwards, and read the almost daily articles in Swedish and Norwegian newspapers. When the spotlight finally fell on Vikernes, it was nothing but Satan that came out of his mouth. This whole "I-saw-Odin-as-Norse-Satan-I-was-never-a-Satanist"-thing, is just another post-construction of his, to fit his agenda. Today it's the "I have never been a Nazi, and have never ever had anything to do with such groups" thing he tries to pull off.

EDIT: Excuse me if the tone was a little harsh and hostile there, I simply meant that there's no use in trying to "split hairs" and see if he is right in any Odin/Satan correlation, because he is maybe right about that - but as stated, that is a post-construction, to cover up something he was obviously ashamed of. Just like the "I have never been a nazi"-thing is today.
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