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Parenthood & Family Preserving our heritage through our future.

The Case Against Male Circumcision and Child Mutilation.

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Old Sunday, March 19th, 2017   #1
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Gaiseric shows some promise.

The Case Against Male Circumcision and Child Mutilation.

Male Circumcision is nothing less than child mutilation and any arguments in their entirety have been stated to be lies and exaggeration. One the greatest acts of child cruelty all in the name of good hygiene and overall male health when much has been proven that male penile foreskin has been proven to substantiate a vital function in male biology. And I come to you for your thoughts as a circumcised male myself. I know that my future sons will NOT be getting such a disgusting cruel painful act be perpetrated upon my children based in scientific research and studies, NOT simple bias.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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Old Sunday, March 19th, 2017   #2
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Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.

There are two arguments against: one is the pain and other physical consequences, which are less than female circumcision but nonetheless unneccessary except in cases of phimosis. Then there is the more abstract bodily integrity issue, in which both are equal.
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Žoreišar is a sage.Žoreišar is a sage.Žoreišar is a sage.Žoreišar is a sage.Žoreišar is a sage.Žoreišar is a sage.Žoreišar is a sage.Žoreišar is a sage.Žoreišar is a sage.

I would think that such a painful procedure done to a small child in their very first years or months of life, have a great potential of structuring the brain to accomodate itself for the kind dangers it believes it should prepare itself for in the outside world.

It has been shown in children who were born to mothers who lived under malnutrition under WWII during their pregnancy, had a higher prevalence of obesity than their peers born straight after the war. Their body was making assessments while in the womb, based on the input that was given to them, about what to sort of conditions to expect in the outside world (in this case, a lack of food) and permanently effecting their metabolism to suit such an environment, resulting in their body storing as much fat as possible, in case of starvation.

I don't think it is a long stretch to think something similar, albeit psychological rather than physical, effects children subjected to a procedure such as circumcision, perhaps manifested as a heightened perception of hostility and unsafety in their environment. It may not be completely coincidental then, that two of the religious groups that have the hardest time harmoniously co-existing with other groups, also are the ones with the highest prevalence of male circumcision, namely Jews and Muslims.

Perhaps one should view male circumcision in this light, as a means for propagating a hostile mentality in one's population, rather than something done for supposed medical benefits or strictly traditional reasons.
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