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Why Nothing Works Anymore

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Old Monday, March 13th, 2017   #1
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Post Why Nothing Works Anymore

Why Nothing Works Anymore: Technology has its own purposes.

So many ordinary objects and experiences have become technologized—made dependent on computers, sensors, and other apparatuses meant to improve them—that they have also ceased to work in their usual manner. It’s common to think of such defects as matters of bad design. That’s true, in part. But technology is also more precarious than it once was. Unstable, and unpredictable. At least from the perspective of human users. From the vantage point of technology, if it can be said to have a vantage point, it's evolving separately from human use.

Infrared-sensor flush toilets, fixtures, and towel-dispensers are sometimes endorsed on ecological grounds—they are said to save resources by regulating them. But thanks to their overzealous sensors, these toilets increase water or paper consumption substantially. Toilets flush three times instead of one. Faucets open at full-blast. Towel dispensers mete out papers so miserly that people take more than they need. Instead of saving resources, these apparatuses mostly save labor and management costs. When a toilet flushes incessantly, or when a faucet shuts off on its own, or when a towel dispenser discharges only six inches of paper when a hand waves under it, it reduces the need for human workers to oversee, clean, and supply the restroom.

Or, try looking for some information online. Google’s software displays results based on a combination of factors, including the popularity of a web page, its proximity in time, and the common searches made by other people in a geographic area. This makes some searches easy and others difficult. Looking for historical materials almost always brings up Wikipedia, thanks to that site’s popularity, but it doesn’t necessarily fetch results based on other factors, like the domain expertise of its author. As often as not, Googling obscures more than it reveals.

Technology’s role has begun to shift, from serving human users to pushing them out of the way so that the technologized world can service its own ends. And so, with increasing frequency, technology will exist not to serve human goals, but to facilitate its own expansion.

Read the whole article at:
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Old Tuesday, March 14th, 2017   #2
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Technology is great, but I think we have gone to far in some cases. People are forgetting how to take care of themselves and their basic needs.

The problem with most modern technology it is doomed to failure and if your rely too much on it you will fail also.

I have seen people both here in the US and Europe out on dates where all they are doing is staring at their phones texting each other. It is very impersonal and seems weird or anti-social. Also in some cases with all this new phone technology young people are on their phones constantly and not working when they are getting paid to work at their jobs.

Funny how modern technology has given us the ability to be contacted anywhere anytime but people still don't answer their phones.
Life is like a fire hydrant- sometimes you help people put out their fires, but most of the time you just get peed on by every dog in the neighborhood.
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