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Warnings & Infractions

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Warnings & Infractions

Warnings and infractions serve as a reminder to members of the forum's rules, which they are expected to understand and follow.

The difference between a warning and an infraction is that warnings result in zero infraction points and thus don't contribute to restricting the members' access. Infraction points will remain in members' accounts for periods of time between 10 and 30 days. After that, they will expire automatically. As soon as members reach an amount of 10 infraction points or more, they will be automatically banned. The ban will last until one or more infraction points expire.

Members will usually receive warnings if:
- they are new and not yet well acquainted with the forum rules
- they have never violated rules before
- they generally have a good posting and behavioral record on
the forum,
& the rule violation is minor or borderline

Members will usually receive infractions if:
- they are knowledgeably and purposely violating a rule
- they are repeated offenders
- they generally have a poor posting and behavioral record on the forum, & the rule violation is grave

Violations of the following rules carry 10 infraction points/rule which never expire:
  • Rule 1 (a). & (b). (Germanic heritage)
  • Rule 7 (a). (posting pictures and other personal material without consent)
  • Rule 22. (multiple accounts/user or users/account)
Thus, members who receive infractions for the above rule violations will be permanently banned from the forum.

Violations of the following rules carry 10 infraction points/rule which expire after 10 days:
  • Rule 2. (illegal activity)
  • Rule 8. (defamation of Skadi Forum & its Staff)
Thus, members who receive infractions for the above rule violations will be temporarily banned from the forum.

Violations of the following rules carry 5 infraction points/rule which will expire in 30 days:
  • Rule 3. (ad hominems)
  • Rule 5. (ad gentems)
  • Rule 6. (incitement)
  • Rule 9. (publication of copyrighted material outside the fair use clause)
  • Rule 10. (posting of pornographic depictions and nudity)
  • Rule 18. (inappropriate signatures)
  • Rule 19. (inappropriate avatars)
  • Rule 20. (inappropriate profile pictures)
  • Rule 21 (a). & (b). (defamation of other forums)
  • Rule 23. (username acronym)
  • Rule 24. (inappropriate username formatting)
  • Rule 25. (obscene/idiotic/etc. username)
  • Rule 30. (complaint beyond PM)
Violations of the following rules carry 4 infraction points/rule which will expire in 30 days:
  • Rule 4. (vulgarity)
  • Rule 14. (trolling)
  • Rule 15. (retardism)
  • Rule 16. (political acronyms, political set phrases and political greetings)
  • Rule 17. (abuse of block letters, smilies, etc.)
Violations of the following rules carry 3 infraction points/rule which will expire in 30 days:
  • Rule 11. (non-English language outside the language forums)
  • Rule 12. (lowbrow posts outside lowbrow areas)
  • Rule 13. (off-topic posts outside lowbrow areas)
Members will be notified via PM if they receive a warning/infraction. Members' warning/infraction history remains in their profiles and can only be seen by themselves and by the Staff. So if in doubt, simply click on your profile, should you wish to see how many warnings or infractions you received and how many points you have accumulated. If the list is missing, then you have never been warned or infracted.

Warnings and infractions can be reversed by the Staff if:
- they have been issued erroneously (e.g. a moderator infracted a member for the wrong rule violation or infracted the wrong member)
- they have been issued unjustly. In this case, members must submit a complaint to the moderator who infracted them and if they are dissatisfied with their decision, a complaint to the administration. See How to Submit a Request/Inquiry/Complaint to the Staff for details.
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