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Folk Art & Culture Discussion of the various folk arts and crafts that elude the foregoing, more traditional categories.

The Easter Bunny

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Old Wednesday, April 19th, 2017   #11
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Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.Sigurd is a deity.

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Eostre is no invention of Bede, that's outdated research. Indo-European studies have shown, as you mention, parallels throughout the Indo-European world, the linguistic argument which you also touch upon is particularly strong.

Yet another explanation why the hare was picked & became Ostara's familiar animal too could be because a lot of animals come back from winter around that time. Sure, hares hunt all winter, but there's a potential this might have well originally been a different furry brown animal, that later became contaminated because the hare's also a Christian symbol of resurrection. After all, everything that's come upon is in an academic sense is from Christian monks.

Ishtar and Ashtaroth, BTW, is nonsense. That's linguistically impossible, as is from a viewpoint of cultural history.
-In kalte Schatten versunken... /Germaniens Volk erstarrt / Gefroren von Lügen / In denen die Welt verharrt-
-Die alte Seele trauernd und verlassen / Verblassend in einer erklärbaren Welt / Schwebend in einem Dunst der Wehmut / Ein Schrei der nur unmerklich gellt-
-Auch ich verspüre Demut / Vor dem alten Geiste der Ahnen / Wird es mir vergönnt sein / Gen Walhalla aufzufahren?-

(Heimdalls Wacht, In kalte Schatten versunken, stanzas 4-6)
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Old Wednesday, April 19th, 2017   #12
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Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.Catterick is a sage.

Very little is known with certainty about the OE gods: far less than is known about the Norse. Hutton provides a critical perspective, as a historian not a "historian of religion". The Reformation hit England particularly strongly amd with it came an impact upon late folklore that may have been helpful as it is in Scandinavia.
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